Why company accounts on Twitter aren’t enough

Last week we released a Geek Whisperers podcast, as we’ve done every week for seven whole episodes now. Since we think we’re somewhat clever, we pull out witticisms from the podcast itself to use as titles. We think this is fun but it makes for terrible SEO. The latest episode is entitled You Would Not Survive […]

Heeeeeere’s Lulu! She was trapped in a neighbor’s crawl space for three weeks. They heard her meowing, and Kat crawled down and got her. Lulu’s skinny but purring. We are happy.

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John on Social Influencer Marketing panel Thursday 5/17/13

I will be a panelist at the Social Media for Savvy Marketers event this week put on by Cisco. You can watch online by registering for the online event here. Our panel on “Social Influencer Marketing” will be at 3:45pm PDT / 6:45pm EDT on Thursday, April 17. Check out the full two-day agenda. The […]

The Geek Whisperers: a podcast for social media practitioners who work with enterprise IT technologists

We launched our podcast, The Geek Whisperers, in February and now we’re about to publish episode 6. The Geek Whisperers is a podcast for social media practitioners who work with enterprise IT communities. The first episode has the founding story of how this little project began, but I’ll repeat it here from my perspective. I […]

Tech podcasts to watch out for

Although I’ve produced a weekly podcast for around 5 years, I’ve actually never been an habitual podcast listener. Recently I’ve developed the habit. A number of things came together for me to cause this: I was interested in making my podcast better. I’ve been doing the same thing on the podcast for a long time. I […]

While Kat is away, I’m going to get all the Likes I can with the cute doggie. VMware’s newest employee, Office Dog Mariah, is helping me with my expense reports. She’s not great at photocopying, but she is a heckuva kisser.

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