On Leaving VMware and Creating a New IT Community

I’m leaving VMware in a few weeks. I’m starting a new community, TechReckoning, where the broader IT community can come together and figure out where things are going with technology, the IT industry, and even their own careers. My time at VMware — almost 9 years — has been the best professional experience of my life, […]

Don’t predict; create the 2014 you want to see

I don’t like year-end predictions, but we get so many of them in tech and IT. They’re slightly entertaining, but, like Christmas cookies, they’re empty calories. If you eat too many,  you probably regret it. What if instead of predicting the way that others are going to change the world next year, we instead envision […]

Geek Whisperers in Action

See more Geek Whisperers – our podcast about social media and community in enterprise IT — over at http://geek-whisperers.com.  Somehow I’m not surprised I got caught talking. The laptop is Brender’s — mine has more stickers and more dents. Taken on Aug 28, 2013 at VMworld in San Francisco by Sean Thulin. via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152142071463496&set=a.10150610782453496.474895.745783495&type=1

My “homepage” image from 1996 at UCSF. I had a really nice ponytail.

My “homepage” image from 1996 at UCSF. I had a really nice ponytail. The “still no thesis” in the corner lasted until 1998, after I’d left grad school, gotten a job at Pangea, and then come back for a pulse of writing to finish up. The design was ripped off from a Blue Note album […]

The record stacks in the dark attic of my college radio station

I just commented at Metafiler, giving a remembrance of my college radio days occasioned by a post about the WHPK Record Library Tumblr. The rabid squirrel quote is preceded by handwriting I recognize — a note from then-station manager Rick Wocjik, who has been running the amazing Dusty Groove Americasince 1996. Truly a labor of love, […]

Heeeeeere’s Lulu! She was trapped in a neighbor’s crawl space for three weeks. They heard her meowing, and Kat crawled down and got her. Lulu’s skinny but purring. We are happy.

via Facebook http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151835526378496&set=a.10150120570183496.326583.745783495&type=1