On Leaving VMware and Creating a New IT Community

I’m leaving VMware in a few weeks. I’m starting a new community, TechReckoning, where the broader IT community can come together and figure out where things are going with technology, the IT industry, and even their own careers.

ilovevmwareMy time at VMware — almost 9 years — has been the best professional experience of my life, so this is a bittersweet time for me. I started at VMware in 2005, intending only to stay for a year or two before setting off on another startup. Along the way, I got drawn in by VMware’s employees, its products, and especially the community of people surrounding the company. I feel lucky and privileged to have had a home here for so long.

I’m proud of what we accomplished during my time at VMware: building VMTN, Planet V12n and the Virtual Appliance Marketplace in the early days, creating the blogging program, growing our social media programs, hosting the VMware Community Roundtable podcast, and creating the vExpert Program and working with its amazing members.

I want to thank my manager, Eric Nielsen, and the rest of the members of the team, Tony Dunn, Karri Chamberlain, Corey Romero, and James Warmkessel, for making it a rewarding and creative environment, and thanks to Robert Dell’Immagine for originally hiring me. VMware as a whole is an amazing place to work with such smart and good people, and I am excited about the innovations still to come. (Disclaimer: I remain a stockholder!)

But I’m most proud of the community we’ve built together. You might think it was a community that is just centered around VMware and its technology, but somehow the relationships seem to transcend it in a way I can’t quite explain.

Which brings us to TechReckoning, my new project.

The IT industry is going somewhere interesting, and I want to create a place where the IT community can collaborate to figure that out together.

The last time I started a company we raised millions of dollars and had really nice chairs. This time we’re starting small; in fact, just with a newsletter. Each week I’ll share an update on what the community is thinking about and working on, ask a question or two, and recommend a few things to read. I figure if we gather a group of interesting people, we’ll come up with some cool stuff to do.

John Mark Troyer
Photo: Sean Thulin

To fund this little adventure, TechReckoning also has a consulting arm. If you are wondering how to build your community and influencer marketing programs, I can help. I don’t promise to have all the answers, but I can tell you what I’ve seen work. Contact me at jtroyer@techreckoning.com and I’d be happy to talk.

And finally, I’d like to thank my wife, Kathleen, for supporting me throughout this journey as a true partner and for listening to me tell endless stories about the Amazing Adventures of the vExperts.

With much love,

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  1. Good luck on the new adventure, learn loads, have fun & share. You’ve been a remarkable spirit guiding one of the most amazing technical communities our IT world has ever seen. Can’t wait to follow what’s next and hopefully continue the friendship.

  2. The humble part is that this community thing is literally defined by what you have started, John. A few short years ago, these opportunities wouldn’t even be an option if you and VMware didn’t pave the way as you did.

    Great news and enjoy the next phase.

  3. I was reading the tweet that you where announcing something soon and I knew that this was something you talked about last time we visited you at VMware a couple of months back.

    I’m very interested in what you are setting up, going to drop you an e-mail very soon.
    Good Luck with your new company , have lots of success, but most importantly, Have FUN!

  4. Hi John,

    It’s been a great experience to work with you while working at VMware and afterwards. Wish you the best! I am sure you will build another great community!


  5. Congrats John! I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of TechReckoning! Best of luck!

  6. Many thanks for the great job you did at VMware, for caring about the community and building the vExpert program! And good luck with TechReckoning, I can’t wait to see this taking off.

  7. Congrats and best wishes! I remember working with you on VMTN and VAM and contributing blogs to PlanetV12n. Fond memories…

  8. Congratulations John! You have built and shaped much of the VMware community as it is today (all positive!), and were a big influence in my own embarking on this adventure. Thank you for all you have done and I look forward to hearing from and even participating in your new venture.

  9. Best of luck! You’ve done such a tremendous job for the VMware community for so many years. You can never go wrong when you follow your heart. Good luck on the new adventure, John. I know you will be very successful.

  10. John,

    It has been wonderful to work with you within this community. I believe you have had a large part of building such a successful following. I hope we will get to collaborate in the future ; and I wish you complete success.

  11. Thanks for the great times at VMware. thanks for being such an inspirational and driving force in the VMware Communiity.

    Best wishes on your new rodeo and new adventures!

    These are indeed exciting times and we are looking forward to”TechReckoning”!

    Have fun! A toast to a great run and a bright new future, here is to living the dream!
    Salute! :-)

  12. Wow, 9 years! I remember when you first started, the community was just a support forum. What you and the team have done is just amazing. Enjoy your new venture. Hope you will grow really fast to have a lot of comfy chairs in no time! :-)

  13. You have left quite a wake, and so many of us have enjoyed riding the waves. Thanks for all that you have done, and I cannot wait to see what greatness comes from your future endeavors. And thanks to Kat for loaning you to us, as I know your commitment went beyond your 9-5 time on VMware’s clock.

  14. Have fun in your new company! I hope we haven’t seen the last of chewbacca :)

    Your contribution to building this tremendous strong community has brought you super hero status (and powers?)

  15. Best of luck John. You know you have the full faith and support of all the friends you’ve made within the community over these many years. Have fun building something new, I know you will.

  16. Good luck on your new venture John. You and your enthusiasm have been a great part of the VMware community, and you’re going to be missed.

    Does the Sparkly Suit ™ move with you? lol.

    All the best.

  17. Thanks for all you did for the VMware community John.

    If anybody can create a new tech community it is you.
    Wish you lots of success on your new endeavors and hope to bump into you somewhere soon.

  18. Thanks for all the kind words. Really overwhelming in a good way. It really means a lot to me and I’m grateful I was able to work with you all. Thank you! Now back to work! Your scheduled flight will depart shortly.

  19. John, I wish you the very best! I’ve known a lot of community guys in my time and I don’t think I’ve met a more fair, honest, and downright nicer person than you! VMware will miss you and I can’t wait to follow your new projects! Thanks for all you have done over the years! Truly amazing body of work!

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