John on Social Influencer Marketing panel Thursday 5/17/13

I will be a panelist at the Social Media for Savvy Marketers event this week put on by Cisco. You can watch online by registering for the online event here. Our panel on “Social Influencer Marketing” will be at 3:45pm PDT / 6:45pm EDT on Thursday, April 17. Check out the full two-day agenda.

The panel is:

  • Moderator Darin Wolder, Marketwire 
  • Todd Wilms, Sr Director, Social Media, SAP @toddmwilms
  • Perrine V. Crampton, Community Programs Manager, Citrix @pcrampton
  • John Troyer, Director, Social Media Evangelist, VMware @jtroyer

And our abstract:

While social influence marketing has taken the B2C world by storm, the B2B space has lingered behind, more encumbered by the need to budget against measurable results. Yet the reigns are loosening. The reality is that, while behaviors are very different among B2B influencers, the opportunities for amplifying messages and driving action are just as worth pursuing. This session will explore how B2B marketers should address a social marketing influence plan, including identifying  and understanding key market segments, the motivations encouraging influencers to work with brands, the return on investment and setting expectations.

I’m afraid I kicked off our prep call by saying that I don’t like social media, and looking at the abstract I don’t agree with the opening premise that the B2B space has “lingered behind”, so I hope I don’t bring too much snark to the panel. However, in our prep call discussion we all seemed to agree, so I think snark won’t be needed and I’m confident we’ll give out some good insight on the state of influencer marketing in the B2B space in 2013.  I’ll probably talk about loving the people in your community and come off as some sort of social media hippie. Maybe I’ll have to slip some ROI stuff in there as well to disperse the patchouli oil smell.

Join me on Thursday! Thanks!

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