Join me at Data Field Day 1

DFD-Logo-400x398Join me and the rest of the delegates at the very first Data Field Day this week, Wednesday May 13 and Thursday May 14.  You can watch live during the event at and on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel or the Tech Field Day Vimeo channel afterwards. Follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #DFD1.

The sponsors are Cloudera, Hedvig, HGST, and SanDisk. The delegates have an interesting mix of backgrounds from big data, business intelligence, cloud, and general infrastructure.

I’ve been a big fan of Tech Field Day since the beginning. VMware provided the facilities for part of the very first Tech Field Day in 2009,  and I helped delegate-wrangler Stephen Foskett announce it on the VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast #67. I also do a little hand-waving explanation of the value of Tech Field Day in this video filmed at that first event.

This is my first time as a delegate. Delegates can’t work for a vendor, and I spent a large part of the last decade working for VMware. I’m honored to participate in this series of events.

The Tech Field Day events are important. They are one of the few places where a company can have a direct dialog with the community of users and technologists. They get to present with no BS — or at least as little BS as possible — and the responses are direct, with the whole thing streamed live on the net.

As usual, sponsors of Data Field Day pay for travel and lodging for the delegates. We receive no other compensation and the delegates are not obligated to write anything about the sponsors.

Join us this Wednesday and Thursday!



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