John Mark Troyer, Influencer Marketing Consulting


I’m building TechReckoning, an independent IT community, where we believe that it’s always OK to read the comments. Sign up for my weekly newsletter, which usually includes a little bit of community theory and a little bit of enterprise tech linkery. The latest newsletter is always available here.

I also co-host the weekly Geek Whisperers podcast, where we talk about how marketers can best talk to geeks, and how geeks can understand marketing.

I’m working with a small number of clients in my consulting practice. I advise technology vendors on

  • community influencer marketing programs
  • employee and customer evangelism
  • community web sites
  • social media marketing program health checks
  • hiring for community, social media, and influencer marketing positions
  • working with the community surrounding VMware

Please contact me for more information.

Phone: +1-510-520-7832

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Companies that are current clients, recent clients, or from whom I’ve received consideration such as conference tickets or travel expenses: VMware, Nutanix, Rackspace, OpenDaylight