Watch the Influencer Marketing Panel at the Cisco Social Media for Savvy Marketers Event

The Cisco Social Media for Savvy Marketers event was quite interesting. I don’t say that just because they invited me; the topics and the guests were way above the typical Social Media 101 level you often find at conferences. The event was held April 19, 2013 on the Cisco campus, and it was streamed live online. You can now access video from all the sessions on demand.

Our panel was on Influencer Marketing with panelists from SAP, Citrix and VMware. I posted the abstract and lineup previously. Since Perrine runs the Citrix CTP Program and I started the VMware vExpert Program, I thought we’d get more into the “Ambassador Program” end of the topic. But our moderator, Darin Wolder from Marketwired, was quite good and kept us out of the weeds and inside the more general part of the topic and how it related to social media marketing in general.

I’ll have to rewatch the whole thing and see if we embarrassed ourselves. I didn’t have any place to stash my iPad so I brought it on stage with me and keep watching the tweetstream. Reading an iPad while sitting on a stool doesn’t foster very good posture, so I don’t recommend it for public speakers.

Go to the blog post that links to the reg form that gets you to the on demand video here.

[Finally, It’s never nice to be rude to your hosts, so I want to make this suggestion nicely, but my observation is that I think they might be going a bit heavy on regulating access via a registration wall here. I was surprised by the online registration form on the day of the event (and it is a relatively gentle one; sometimes our corporate ones are much worse — how many x86 servers do you have in your environment?) And now since it’s behind a reg wall I can’t embed our panel session on this blog. Of course, in a corporate setting, there are lots of cooks in the kitchen, and I imagine the Cisco Social team wanted to see who is watching, and show the powers that be that it’s real people from real companies, not just 20-year-old social media interns. And it looks like the videos are hosted on their learning platform, so there might be technical issues involved in opening it up. Still, I don’t normally recommend gating your videos if you want more people to watch them. Given the people involved I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to start spamming my email address, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they found that Mickey Mouse and friends were watching their event. But don’t let that put you off — please check it out! It’s worth watching.]


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